Slade Gardens Adventure Playground has been a valuable part of the local community for families for almost 50 years.

Located in Stockwell, the space was established by a Second World War Bomb, leaving local residents to get together with Lambeth Council to build it into a playground due to the lack of facilities of children and young people. In 1999, the playground became independently managed by local residents and a voluntary committee was formed and the playground was set up as a new charity.

The playground understands the challenges that families face in finding suitable play provision for their children and the playground is happy to provide assistance to make sure all our users have equal opportunities. Slade Gardens was proud to be named London's Adventure Playground of the Year 2003.

The playground is open all year round, come rain, sun or SNOW!! The playground provides services for you young people 5-16 years and a youth club for those age 17-20+. Trained qualified and committed staff are on always on hand to supervise the playground users.

Not only is there an acre of open green space, there is also the use of indoor space where a wide range of activities are provided. Painting, Arts & Craft, Cooking, Table Tennis, Homework club and the use of computers are are available with the support from the staff. You are all are able to access a variety of play opportunities with its experienced staff team who are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each child in a friendly, supportive and professional manner, emotionally, socially and educationally.
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Opening Times

Term Times
Tuesday – Friday
3.30pm – 6pm

Friday Youth Club
6.30pm – 9pm (Term Times)
Ages: 14 years- 19 years old.
11am – 4pm Term times.

Half Terms
Monday – Friday
10am – 6pm
Children and young people are encourage to bring a packed-lunch.
A small tuck shop is available.
Charity Number: 1080876
Stockwell Park Road, London, SW9 0AD Tel: 0207 7373829 Email: Sladeadventure@btinternet.com
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