Space to play and much more!

Campaigners studying play and childhood are calling for a major focus on reviving play in schools to tackle an “escalating crisis” in child mental and physical health.

Michael Follett, the director of Opal Play – Outdoor play and learning programme – says “Good play leads to better social skills, to happier, healthier children. I’ve been on the Play England board, I’ve been a council play officer – nothing gets through to children more than play in schools. It’s where you can reach the most number of children. At least in school, children have some time that is nominally referred to as playtime. Our playtimes are a whirling chaos of footballs, scooters and hoops, den building, dressing up and sand. In the rest of their lives it’s being taken away more and more. British children spend 20% – or 1.4 years of their entire time in school”…

Another great reason to send your children to Slade Garden Community Play Association. Children thrive with play and. learn so many skills – but to them they’re having fun.

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