Space to play and much more!

Saturday 28 November 11am – Sunday 29 November 11am

We are cycling 768 miles (the distance from the APG to John O’Groats) on static bikes which will be set up in Slade Gardens Adventure Playground.

Please join in and support us! Just email and we will join you to our fundraising page.

How will it work?

Individuals (or teams / family groups) can sign up to join & will be given a 1-hour time slot. Each rider or team will be added to our fundraising page at Givey. (We will send you the link but you can go to and search for ‘Pedal for your Playground’ and share directly that way too). The target is for each cyclist or team to raise £300 but any sum raised is an achievement & will be greatly appreciated so it doesn’t matter if you don’t make the target.Individuals & teams are encouraged to set themselves mileage targets, to dress up, to sign up to difficult slots (the 2-3am slot is unlikely to be oversubscribed!) to help maximise their sponsorship appeal and increase donations & we’ve got lots of ideas for those who want to make things extra challenging.

We will have stationary bikes set up under cover but outside on the APG football pitch. Bikes will be set several metres apart and fully sanitised between riders to ensure social distancing at all times. Over the 24 hours there will be a minimum of 2 riders pedalling at all times. Individuals of any cycling ability and fitness level are welcomed as are children / teens and we’d love to have people pedalling with friends or family so just let us know if you want to cycle together. Every rider’s miles will be logged so that we can ensure we make our target. As a rough guide each rider should try and cover a minimum of 16 miles during their hour (but we’ve got plenty of secret tour de France hopefuls who can make up some extra miles if that’s not a realistic goal for you!).

We want our team to be as different, diverse and daring as possible. Age, ability, fitness levels are absolutely no bar to joining our team!