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Our beautiful bees from our Gardens escaped and gathered on a tree branch.

With the help of our committee, friends of the playground, Finn and Barnaby from Beeurban we were able to get the swarm of bees safely back to their hive. It wasn’t easy.


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There is only one Queen Bee but thousands of workers, but not all are able to get to the Queen. Therefore, the workers need a new Queen.

The old queen flees with her colony to a new nest, however, the Queen is not the strongest flyers and will need to rest. This is when we see a MASS of swarming bees, in the air or in a tree.

The swarm of bees are not dangerous and just want to find a new nest, but we should still keep our distance as they will sting if feeling threatened.

Do not attempt to move or destroy the swarm. We have skilled Bee keepers, but if you do come across a swarm please contact your local bee keepers.