Space to play and much more!

At Slade Adventure Playground, the children get to spend time playing outdoors.

Here’s an exert from an article on the BBC Future Health on the learnings from studying the children who attend a forest nursery school in Helsinki.

“A wealth of studies have shown that spending time in natural spaces has many health and psychological benefits for children, such as reduced obesity, improved mental wellbeing, increased resilience and faster cognitive development. It can also encourage the development of environmentally conscious behaviour by fostering an appreciation and respect for the natural world.

A notable aspect of cognitive development among children who take part in outdoor learning is a sense of responsibility towards local spaces. “These children will understand much more easily why it’s important to recycle and pick up trash,” says Annina Kuusisto, a professor in early childhood education at the University of Helsinki. “It’s a small thing but it’s important as it helps build respect for the environment. They will be more likely to take action in the future to protect nature and fight climate change.”

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