Space to play and much more!

Youth Advisory Group Meeting 

Friday 25 October 2019

A big THANK YOU to our Youth Advisory Group who included:

Amaya (13), Medishe (13), Sapphire (8), Briana (11), Kenegh (8), Efosa (6), Sike (9), Milo (9), Kwlan (8), Ade (13), Keely (13), Nathaniel (6), Chuata (15), Annaliese (15)

What you told us you’d like to see:

Practical improvements the YAG would like

  • A boot or shoe scraper so they could clean their shoes off before coming inside.
  • Pegs & / or lockers so they could hang their stuff up inside the hut while they play. Having nowhere to put their stuff while they play was frustrating & made some children cross when their things got dirty on the floor.
  • More Friday contests – it used to be really fun having these.
  • A wall of fame for names & photos and achievements.
  • A chalk board outside so people can queue for things fairly & chalk up names.
  • A suggestions box (there is one but clearly not visible enough!)

What activities would you like to see?

  • More tournaments e.g. Ping pong & table football
  • Dance & singing were requested lots especially as after school club.
  • Some teen activities & a teen zone.
  • Wanted talks / socials.

Improving structures / new ideas

  • I’d like to see the Octopus changed into a den with an exciting entrance. It should have music in the den.
  • I’d like a treehouse and make the treehouse the new tuckshop.
  • There should be hammocks outside. (several asked for this)
  • A music room den would be cool.
  • More zip wires and a proper climbing wall which you could do. Maybe even one where you could have a harness.
  • Couches and carpet in the hut.
  • Exercise equipment outside.
  • Paint the walls of the hut.
  • Change the floor (several requests for this).
  • Comfy seats.
  • Better lights.
  • Better music.
  • A new climbing frame with maruto face

How should children get involved? What should YAG do?

  • The children should be in charge of décor.
  • The group of older girls told us they’d be willing to volunteer & were particularly interested in helping / mentoring the younger children.
  • They were happy to come along to YAG sessions and thought they should continue in an informal way.

Hut toilets

Repeated requests for these to get an overhaul. The older girls pointed out that there were no sanitary products available in the girls loo. At the very least they would like to see a machine dispenser but ideally sanitary products should be available free of charge in the girls loos.


The group of older girls & one boy who stayed talking with us at the end of the session said they’d like to see the laptops removed as they were never used and served no purpose.


  • We will be getting prices for providing lockers & hooks & these will go up asap in the new year.
  • We will provide sanitary products for the girls loos (either via a dispenser or possibly by having a box in the loos) & this will be sorted asap in the new year.
  • We will prepare coming an improvemnts plan & priority list for children to consider & prioritise.
  • We will hold regular meetings in school holidays & take as many of the ideas forward as possible